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Crociere - Tenuta di Sticciano

Ceramics Tenuta di Sticciano

Sticciano Brick Kiln and Ceramics project

Ceramica Tenuta di SticcianoIn the heart of Sticciano, an estate comprised of 18th century historical buildings that is located near the town of Certaldo in the countryside between Florence and Siena, there is a building which today would be considered as industrial archaeology: a brick kiln.

Ceramica Tenuta di SticcianoBuilt in 1799, this brick kiln was in operation until the 1940s and was an important cultural element of our territory. In fact, it is one of the very few examples still visible in the heart of the Elsa Valley, of what once was a “working tool”, used and shared by the whole community. The brick kiln was connected to this particular area by the abundant availability of clay, a material that since primeval times man has used to his advantage.

The clay, the bricks and the kiln formed the structure of the economy of every big farm of the past.

Ceramica Tenuta di SticcianoThis short introduction presents the work promoted by the cultural association CABA for the last two years. Using didactic teaching and art as its main means, the CABA association aims to recover and evaluate those particular aspects of our local culture which are connected to the brick kiln.

Didactic teaching is used to show not only the historical and geographical approach to clay but also the experimental, using all of our senses. Teaching about the technique of reproducing bricks is also an important part of the learning process.

With regards to the artistic aspect, clay is considered the pre-eminent material that responds to the will of man and from the raw state assumes all possible forms. It gives the freedom to create and express oneself.

We are planning to select artists-in-residence, on an annual basis, which will be open to both experienced ceramicists and also those artists with an interest in experimenting with clay for the first time.

The numerous potters who live in the area regularly contribute to the work of the association. We also offer shorter art residencies involving potters and university students. Our 1 week courses allow the students to learn in a traditional yet also experimental way, directly interacting with the master potters.

Terry Davies and Alberto Cavallini have been leading some very interesting research on experimental kilns for the last 10 years. The idea is to reproduce brick kilns in the open air but substituting different materials, such as glass, ceramic fibre, paper etc., and then to fire to a temperature of 1000° C, putting on a show of flames & fire to the public as well as presenting a valid method of firing the works made of clay.

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