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Italian Wine Chianti - Red Wine Chianti ItalyThe oil of the Estate of Sticciano

Italian Wine Chianti
Italian Wine Chianti

Italian Wine Chianti


This kind of olive oil is obtained by the pressing of only one type of olives, precisely the "leccino" ones. They have an early and uniform maturing. The olives are harvested in the first week of November and pressed within 24 hours.
The olive oil obtained by the pressing of these olives is very particular.
it has a green/yellow colour with a fruity taste of almond and fresh grass. In your mouth you can taste its slightly but delicate spicy flavor with an aftertaste of almond.
Ideal for fish dishes, boiled white meat and green salads.
500 bottles available per year and sold only on the premises.


The tuscan extravirgin oliv oil from our oliv is produced according to the deepest tuscan cultures: oil-press, moraiolo, leccino and with such pollinators as pendolino and maurino. Our care for plants and the early harvest of olives to protect their organolectic properties manage to make our oil a true product of Chianti’s hills, giving it a particular smell of ripe olive and a flavour which is strong and sweet at the same time.

Specification sheet
Cultivar: Frantoio45%, Moraiolo 30%, Leccino 20%, impollinatori 5%.
Epoca di raccolta e frangitura: October / November.
Time between the collection and the pressing: max 48 hours.
Crushing: continuous cold mill.
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