Concierge Services & Tuscan Experiences

Our concierge service is at your disposal and ready to handle your request: whether it’s about travel experiences, art tours, spas to enrich your daily well-being, or planning the perfect wedding, we have everything you need. Our team of experts will help you take care of yourself and cheer you up by tasting the best local food and wine specialties, letting you discover all the beauty of this region.

Wine experience

Each and every guest is welcomed with a toast and a special tasting made with our organic products.

We can also organize personalized wine tastings with our best wines and you can get to know in depth all the aspects of our wines and its production or even visit the winery and enjoy “Tuscan snacks” in the nature. Moreover, it is possible to organize wine tours in other wineries of excellence.

Cooking classes

At Tenuta di Sticciano we cook the tradition and the simplicity of home recipes. Our aim is to share with you all the beauty and the goodness of Tuscan cuisine with healthy, genuine and seasonal ingredients, because for us, cooking means sharing every single moment. It is the only language that makes all worldwide cultures interact with each other and we do believe it’s even more than that: it reflects the love for our environment, the search for quality and the appreciation for our lands.

Our chefs will walk you along this path to discover traditional Tuscan cuisine through the preparation of the most typical dishes. You will learn how to make delicious gnocchi, succulent lasagna, tasty pork roast and a yummy tiramisu. When you’ll return home, you’ll be able to amaze your friends and relatives and share with them the flavors of your Tuscan trip.

The cooking classes are tailored for a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 10 – the lasting time is about 3 hours. We will end with a dinner to celebrate together the dishes you have prepared. Themed classes can be also organized: fresh pasta, bread and focaccia, vegetarian cooking, appetizers and much more.

Tuscany Tour

Tuscany is the region par excellence when it comes to discovering art, nature, food and wine specialties. The most famous cities are less than an hour’s drive from our estate, including Pisa, Florence and Siena. But what we love most about this region are its most secret and hidden corners. That’s why we have created customized tours for our clients to discover the unknown artistic treasures of Tuscany or some of the most paradisiacal areas along ancient roads, in between unique hilly landscapes, while tasting local delicacies.

Whether on horseback, by bike, Vespa, vintage car or by the fastest cars in the world, our tours will take you among the wonders of our beloved land, in remote corners where time seems to stand still and where nature meets the charm of the history of the past.


Tenuta di Sticciano is in a perfect location to enjoy the best of Italian and European lifestyle, with many popular Italian and international designer shopping destinations nearby. For tradition lovers, we offer tours to discover the best craft stores in Florence and in the villages around Valdelsa, to find local deliciousness, touch some high-quality handmade leather goods or learn about the art of bookbinding.

Truffle Hunting

The truffle is one of the most remarkable foods in the world, and the Italian white one is the most precious of all.

Dedication, commitment and passion are the main characteristics to obtain a valuable product, with an intense aroma and a delicate flavor.

Our truffles grow in completely protected environments, in forests of uncontaminated nature, which is why they are among the most appreciated ones in Italy and in the world. The search for this fine, smooth and yellowish mushroom begins in September and lasts until early January, representing one of the most authentic experiences to live once in a lifetime for green, nature and truffle scents’ lovers. Thanks to our professional team our guests will participate in an excursion that will immerse them in the ancient art of truffle hunting.

Painting classes

For those who love to get lost among the thousands of shades of colors and soft and light brushstrokes, we provide the opportunity to participate in painting classes in a complete Tuscan style: in the middle of the wildest nature, or amidst the most typical views of our villages, through art, history and inspiration.

Boat River Tour

Experiencing art and admire the city of Florence in all its perspectives is possible thanks to our private boat tours on the Arno River, where relaxation meets discovery. Our guides will introduce you to the city, reliving the Renaissance era of the past, enjoying unique and suggestive perspectives. All tours end with an aperitif on board, in authentic Tuscan style, admiring the majesty of Florence with idyllic sunsets that complete this picture between magic and dream.


Our experienced guides will let you discover the most suggestive paths and ride the typical roads of the Florentine Chianti using the most performing and comfortable e-bikes. We will design perfect itineraries full of historical and gastronomic surprises for any levels.

Horseback riding

An unforgettable trekking on horseback through a hilly route with beautiful views and wooded areas is the ideal choice for riders who want to live an adventure in Tuscany with tastings included.


To add even more charm to your relaxing vacation, we offer you unforgettable private cruises on board of various types of boats in collaboration with our trusted partners.

Sailing boats and catamarans are waiting for you in beautiful ports on the Tuscan coast, for a unique experience to discover beautiful islands with crystal clear waters and enchanting shorelines. You can get lost among the wild and unspoiled nature of the Tuscan Archipelago islands, admire the breathtaking pink beach in Sardinia, drive along scenic roads in Corsica, or contemplate the explosion of colors in Cinqueterre, up on the Ligurian coast. It is up to you!

If requested we offer the possibility to have experienced and professional skippers on board, to make your cruise even more comfortable and carefree.