Wellness & Fitness

Start every day of your vacation with a dose of daily well-being, immersed in a green wonderful landscape,

At our Estate we offer a series of possibilities tailored to your needs: elegant horseback rides to discover the charm of the Tuscan woods, birdwatching or sports activities, with trekking or mountain biking, to come across with the most preserved nature and adventures.

For those who love absolute quiet and all the soothing sounds of nature, there are perfect outdoor spaces for practicing yoga, pilates, meditation or gymnastics with scheduled classes or private personal trainers. Practice your asana in the midst of idyllic views and feel the rejuvenating effect of being in touch with nature.

Last but not least, there’s nothing better than choosing one of our decontracting or relaxing massages to end the day. Our highly-skilled therapists combine fresh ingredients with original herbal blends for moments of total serenity.

We care a lot about originality, comfort and full customer satisfaction and that’s why we give our guests the opportunity to choose the place where they can relax at their best.

Massages can be carried out either at Casa dei Tigli – a lovely panoramic nest reserved for wellness activities – in your own residence, in the heart of nature itself, among the mixture of olive groves’ scents and vineyards’ colors or on our terrace, surrounded by endless views. Your choice!

Wellness Treatments

We have created a dedicated space to wellness: an entrancing place overlooking the valley where you can enjoy body treatments, massages and products created by Tuscan nature while admiring gorgeous sceneries.

Our professional holistic therapists are inspired by natural and organic wellness. We can also offer tailor-made services, organizing all the elements of your wellness vacation in detail with the aim of maximizing your health benefits. Discover Tuscany’s most energizing, stimulating and relaxing natural spas to help regenerate your mind, body and soul.